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A month before I happened to visit a primary school in a village an hour distance from the city where I live. After meeting the concerned head, I came out, but I was curious when I spotted two young kids, perhaps, seven or eight in age are seen ‘repairing’ a weak broken plant. Tending with bare hands, I saw no helpful tools besides them.

With bits of paper, two twigs, an abandoned jute cord, a handful of clay is what they worked for thirty minutes to see the injured slender stem is back to its erect form, they watered it and left the place. 

It delighted me, and I appreciated in my mind how could the two young kids weave a magic of imagination to save a simple plant not to wither all with a simple raw skill.

What I saw was an interesting display of child’s skills, and how deftly the two pairs of hands worked together to see the small plant is back to its life.

I wondered how amazing life would be if every parent experiences the same joy and appreciation every day when they see their children play with simple things and allow their imagination to go wild and draw joy from it.

Imagination is a remarkable life tool and parents have to recognize and encourage the child to develop from an early age. Parents have to help him use his thoughts, words, actions, at his free will to set his imagination and dreams in right creative course.

Children’s minds are most free, the most creative, and least bound by inhibition and gender and tradition. Therefore, it’s easy to impress upon them of creativity and imagination.

When their natural imagination gets triggered, the child derives enormous joyfulness; their minds become powerhouses of creativity, they come forth more alive, work with finer feeling and power. 

Unfortunately, it’s the parents who discourage the children with statements, like, ‘don’t do silly things, ‘don’t behave like a child,’ ‘just grow up,’ when children are enjoying mundane things, having most fun and feeling the essence of joy.

I believe parents’ attitude seemed more like discouraging the children, ‘not to be free in their will, not to be overly imaginative, stay subdued, stay inhibited.

Parents have to know the truth that imagination is stronger than the knowledge. Children who show creative imagination are one who can dip into true intelligence. 

A child who has a creative imagination will become an adult with a capacity for problem-solving skills; his memory will be more sharp and innovative. 

A child with good imaginative sharpness, when he steps into the competitive world would be socially acceptable, develops self-awareness and self-confidence. It helps him to appreciate his thinking skills and instincts.


Allowing them to spend time outdoors

Allow them to take part in art and painting activities.

Encourage reading books, visit libraries, storytelling

Limit time on television, movies, smart-phones, video games. 

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