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In parenting, one fact is greatly overlooked – that the strong and influencing factor of the emotional health of the children is tied to the role of the father. From birth to adulthood, he plays an influential aspect in nurturing and mentoring the children.

The families will have a disadvantage when fathers don’t own up the responsibilities, caring for children at home as much as mothers do. It’s the children who might get confused, face offensives from the society if the father doesn’t step into their lives guiding them, being a part of their growth from childhood.

It’s heartening to see a father play with the kids, support the family, being with kids when they needed him most in their development years, mentoring them, engaged in all family affairs. His support makes a meaningful difference in children’s mental well-being and social attitudes.

Children with caring fathers grow with an advantage –they become strong socially and academically good when compared to children whose dads are not around most of their formative years.

If children spend time with a father who reads for them, who takes them out occasionally, plays with them, keenly follows their academic progress, such children are likely to get good grades, show strong self-acceptance, and turn out to be athletically well-groomed.

It makes a lot of emotional impact in the lives of the children when they spend time in the presence of actively involved father at home.

Fathers’ closeness to the daughters has its blessed psychological benefits, and we see them grow to become independent, confident, and outgoing.

Father, as a role model: if the children see their father respecting his mother and sisters, they grow to respect the elders, understand gender equality. If they see him being kind, it gives them a window to see everyone with kindness. Children – both sons and daughters replicate and learn from the priorities, attitudes, and honesty held by their father. It’s important to realize as a father, ‘I’m a living model for my children; I’m a perfect example to be imitated in real life.’

Fatherhood must be seen as a divine opportunity to bond with our children, and living every minute involves, make the family affairs as cheerful, as secure as possible. It’s a solemn responsibility to blend into the growing process of the children. Its love, commitment, sacrifice to share all the shades of wisdom, insights, logic, judgment in keeping the family together in a healthy, matured, and cultured ambiance.

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