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Gaining approval from parents is the most important support system for children as they grow.  Children need large doses of encouragement and a daily word of praise. Especially when they keep attempting new tasks, learning new skills, setting new goals, and taking exams, and feeling proud of their grades. It’s an important parenting tool.

Encouragement to children is as important for their emotional growth as bread and jam for their physical growth. The encouraging words have a powerful impact on the way a child thinks about himself. As the child progresses, the encouraging words could be very motivating and help the child to repeat the praiseworthy tasks.

Learning how to motivate children, a parent has to recognize that encouragement has two parts. The first half is how not to discourage them, not to humiliate them, and avoid the display of over- protection. This negative attitude adopted by parents may affect children being less confident and may discourage not to attempt anything good or to take a risk. 

The second half is to understand how important the encouragement in the child’s life could be. We know that the language of encouragement helps to build a meaningful relationship between a parent and a child. The tone and language, kind words, actions, facial expressions or a gentle touch can make up the important expressions of encouragement. 

 Parents have to learn to encourage their children in two aspects. For what they are and for what they do. It’s something like being well behaved, pleasing manners, soft in conduct, or helping to clean the house, doing homework neatly, working hard on tough subjects. Look for the actions they perform, their efforts. Never bother about the outcomes or results. It will demonstrate to children how much parents care for them, and later they come to believe in looking at themselves more worthwhile and great. 

 Parents need to train and prepare the child how to take care of himself as an individual relating to his daily habits and his emotional health. This can only happen through wise use of encouragement. Encouragement is a powerful communication tool. This is to help the child understand his capabilities placing on a creative track and providing them with an effective means to succeed in life. Parents’ role in allowing him his freedom of voice and poise to examine what they are doing is good, productive and meaningful. It’s is the essence of encouragement. 

Parents’ everyday language has to relate to the children that whatever they do pleases them and they are very acceptable to you. Speak to them and rejoice the small steps of everyday actions, and efforts of what they are attempting. Celebrate these small steps and help them see that they become a further source of encouragement.

Encouragement is an empowering melody to the children’s’ ear who are habitually forced to listen to discouraging loudness, dissenting voices every hour from the teachers and adults around. Children by nature are gifted to be more inventive, richly original, adorably resourceful, and gracefully cooperative if the music of encouragement is always fine-tuned to the dreams and desires involving them.

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