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All parents want their children to grow responsibly. So how do we raise our children being responsible in school work and other duties later in their lives?

There are different kinds of responsibilities:

One type of responsibility relates to everyday things like doing chores around the house, getting ready for school, doing homework, helping siblings.

The second type of responsibility is related more to attitudes and beliefs. It is a type of responsibility that goes with meeting one’s commitments, helping others, being accountable, being a contributing member of the family.

Children aren’t born being responsible:

How do we help children to be responsible? There is only one way: to teach them. A child is not born with a keen desire to be responsible. To teach them the responsibility as parents you have to support them, listen to them, spend time with them, and know their limitations.

We should make children capable:

Children feel capable when they understand that parents are behind them and ready to support no matter in any circumstances. Parents’ should make them feel competent, and feel good about what they do. All this conduct will increase awareness of responsibility in a child.

Give them plenty of opportunities to be responsible:

A child will only learn to be responsible if given the opportunity to be responsible. Show children the way, catch them young to see how they complete their tasks at home and school. Make the responsibilities age-appropriate.

Model Responsibility:

Talk to children about it. Make them a part of daily chores like arranging breakfast, checking for clean rooms, seeing the house neat. Praise when work is well done. Use the phrase, ‘we’ in the instructions and guide them to see the actions become enduring habits for children. See they develop a sense of ownership over the actions they perform at home.

Teaching a child about responsibility isn’t easy. It takes a lot of patience, practice and years to see the results for the parents’ efforts. But if you follow the objective single-mindedly, parents’ stand a better chance of raising a responsible child who then grows up into a responsible young man.

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