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Few recognize the importance of training in parenting conduct. What we keep up as parenting methods are mere ‘hand-me-downs’ – an inherited package we got from our parents and they, in turn, gathered from their lineage. Over the years the rulebook was loosely held, vaguely inferred, and hardly challenged. Many never would have honestly, introspected their ‘bringing up our children’ strategies; with which they have planned to provide parental care for their child.

As a supplement to the well-laid plans and preparation to support the children, I wish to add a few tips that every parent should live by.

  1. The child’s feelings are more important than the parent’s rigid rules, principles, and priorities.
  2. Besides more than the love we proclaim we have in abundance; what children need daily are small doses of helpful attitude – getting down to their level of perception with which they see experiences related to them.
  3. Communication with children should include plain, simple language and it’s better to avoid adult language. No accusations or harsh words when a child shows up in a dull mood. In such situations, being there for them with compassion is the vitamin needed for a child.
  4. Avoid name-calling if we find the child not good enough in parental expectations. Parents’ motto: anger yes; abuse no. You have to express anger without insult not to damage the child’s fragile self-image.
  5. A child becomes what he repeatedly told he is. Never predict and project unpleasant scenarios for your child. In such situations, he is likely to create a poor image of himself, and he might also strive to live likewise now and in the future.
  6. Children need guidance and help, not faultfinding and put-downs, they need listening not loud advice, and they need closeness, not coldness – all demonstrated in word and deed.
  7. To consider traditions and values expected to learn by watching and listening to discussions on media shows and social media are impractical and have no visible advantage to the family. TV’s and social media can never replace a responsible parent. They can’t educate our children. Imparting values to children is the exclusive domain of two responsible parents.

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