1. The central goal line to good upbringing a child’s life is making them hold their head high in confidence and respecting his personal worth and feelings. But never to encourage to feed his ego and entitlement. Enshrining these practices at the home is the parent’s concern.
  2. Parents must understand the importance of the creation of healthy consensus background at home. This is achieved by mutual respect among family members. We must learn to show respect to the sensitivities, needs, and rights of our children. They have to be respected for the roles their play in the house, and their limited abilities when they are growing up. Parents should be sensitive enough by not expecting too little or too much from their children. It is important to note that children are not be used for the display of our prestige.
  3. Unfortunately, the society we live in glamorizes many qualities that are inherently unattainable by our children. The reasons could be many and most of the times beyond the reach of the children. And parents blindly shouldn’t insist and influence the children to conform to the prevailing line of social forces. In the process we fail to recognize the child’s honesty, hard work, patience, loyalty, courage; consequently, that may damage the child’s morale deeply.
  4. Parents’ insensitivity: how we act, and speak in the presence of our children and how we trample with our harsh words, their fragile souls have far-reaching fallouts. We are always prompt to recite the list of their faults and failures and we casually bare them all in the presence of guests, strangers and also in public. Not bothering how it affects their self-image.
  5. Parents have to be conscious and careful about the language used when it related to their intelligence, marks, comparisons and physical profile – like color, height, thin or obese. Parents need to be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of the children and being alert to the signals they send when they are in distress. Learning to speak to them in acceptable language giving them an assurance that we are there for them. Sensitivity is an important skill parent has to be well-informed about.
  6. This tells us a universal tendency we find in most of our homes: The greatest damage to our child’s self-worth is enacted at home – unintentionally. A child needs as he is growing up, the home to be a blanket of security, comfort, and coziness. Ensuring these attributes are created at home is the parents’ foremost concern.

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