To write my weekly parenting blog, I seek information from many parenting books which I read over past twenty-five years.

As I am scanning my small library for this week’s topic, I came across a lovely small book with a perfect title “For the love of children” By Eva Shaw. It is a collection of quotes, opinions, and essays on childhood and parenting.

I came across a reflective and powerful passage, on parenting.

The starting line  – By Bonnie Prudden

The three best years for building for building an excellent body, pattern and attitudes come between birth and three. In those years all that a person will be is formed.

Many people working with children take exception to this, but studies show that in this respect children can be likened to furniture. When you decide to build a chair, you must start from the first moment building a chair. Its purpose is decided. After its form is laid down and glued down together, it is a chair, not a table, not a dresser, not a lamp …..a chair. That parallels the first three years for children.

You can paint the chair, upholster it, and add a cushion, even wheels. It is still a chair. You can similarly educate children; give them goals, a profession, all kinds of skills, but the initial person beneath is still the one put together in those first years. The optimist, the pessimist, the unsure, the timid, the outgoing and the skeptic all formed early.

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