“Mummy look at my drawing,” with all innocence she begs to call the attention of mummy to her work of colors.

“Mummy how I look in this dress, Daddy can you listen to me once.” In most of the homes, this is the most common demands we commonly hear.

And Mommy and daddy don’t answer. And this response too most typically happens in many homes.

As parents, we work hard every day for our children. Parenting, we have to understand, is more than buying those gifts, dropping at school, celebrating their birthdays. The parenting is seen more importantly, in giving your time – both physically and emotionally.

While each of us requires praise, its requirement is highest for children. How much attention you are as a parent willing to allot depends upon how much time you are keen to devote to spend with your child.

To give the best advantage to your child the best gift you can give him is your time. To provide him as much as he demands that is appropriate for his age.

Children spending time together with parents in various activities are likely to become a common platform for understanding between parents and children. When a child sees happiness flowing freely between herself and her parents, she feels valued, and her sense of worth builds up.

Every child needs a good amount of bonding time to spend with their parents frequently.

At home, parents have to plan a definite time for family togetherness activities. It should be a part of the daily routine. Theactivitiesencouragechildren to develop strong emotional ties with their siblings and parents.

Parents if they can allow specific time in the evenings to spend with their children with schoolwork, or completing home works, planning for projects.

The time spent, often, during their school years with children would help them to approach parents with less fear. And enable openly talk over their academic problems. When children are comfortable with their parents discussing academic issues, it can help them perform better at school academically.

The enthusiasm of the parents quickly flows to their children. If parents are good-humored, full of positive energy; the children don’t fall behind to follow them. Children mostly imitate parents. Whatever the parents set as good behavior by spending quality time the children they are more likely to adopt those behaviors. That could in future help them when they grow up.  They learn to display sharing, kindness, and understanding in their relationships in their lives.

If parents are alert and willing to spend time with their children, they will discover all the elements that interest the children. They can have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Certainly, this is the best way to weave together the family unity and harmony.

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