All children are the reflections of parents. They look at us as models and follow to set them on a higher moral plane. They learn many of their attitudes from us.

They also develop many other life important values through the culture, and family atmosphere they are raised in, from many adults around them, their friends, religious background, schools, and so on.

Family values include the qualities that are more important to us as parents and what we choose to stick to at all times. They may include hard work, honesty, integrity, kindness. Our family values let us know what is right or wrong for our family as a whole.

It is the parent’s responsibility to establish values for their children. Teaching moral values is an important element of effective parenting.


What as a parent you can do:

We have to establish and make clear to our children the family’s religious and spiritual beliefs.

We have to model how discipline is nurtured and will be supported at home by the adults and by teachers at school?

We have to be clear about how the concept of education is viewed and encouraged at home. We have to emphasize that education perceived as emotional development and their multiple intelligences empowerment is taken into consideration?

Set behavior guidelines for all the family members how to respect each other? Ensure that the children receive equal respect as appropriate for their age?

Look what you encouragingly establish all family members converse positively both verbally and in body language. Parents’ must see that there is respect in the way you talk to one another among all family members.

Children learn moral standards and family values by watching parent’s choices and reactions and observing how you conduct yourself in casual behavior and regular day to day goings-on.

So parents have to be aware that what they do in the ordinary casual happenings and daily activities of every day hold powerful, influential lessons for the children.


How you speak to your relatives, how you treat your family friends, strangers. What hobbies or habits you follow, how you spend your time. What types of movies, TV shows you watch. How you handle your daily problems and moral conflicts. These are the attributes and behavior of the parent’s children watches closely and internally instills them accordingly.

As a parent, it’s your conscious decision to make sure how you establish the family values and moral standards that you child want to pick up and want them to copy.

Parents’ have to be very conscious about the core family values – the ones they hold most dear, wanted their children to follow throughout their lives, and never move away from them. It is what we call in traditional terminology “the family name.”

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