1. Good handwriting is a habit for which seeds of its intentions are to be sown as early as when a child attempts to hold a pencil. Good Handwriting and its practice, implementation in the classrooms are gradually losing its academic importance and later in life its emotional and intellectual benefits.

2. Copywriting books recommended according to grades is today no longer a practice followed by school administrators. Jotting down in the notebooks with facts and information, taking the dictated notes allotted by the teachers are disappearing as significant learning tools from the classrooms and teachers today are no longer given any refresher training to upgrade their own understanding of the writing skills and thus taking an informed position to give prompt guidance and feedback to the children – related to handwriting culture.

3. Writing by hand has a beneficial correlation to the healthiness of the brain functioning. Writing by hand engages both body and mind and thus make writing a disciplined worthy activity. A practical disciplined focus on maintaining a neat well-formed handwriting helps align the mind and body that allows multiple advantages to the child both in academic performance and self-controlled personality. Parents have to know the clear advantages of better handwriting skills.

4. Bad handwriting is linked to low confidence levels, less academic focus and lack of interest in accomplishing anything well. Children with poor handwriting will find hard to proofread their own written notes. And during the examinations, this situation causes to score poorly in examinations. Good handwriting leads to better grades. It is a standard tendency for the examiners to form an initial impression by examining the handwriting first and content next.

5. In classrooms handwriting is crucial for writing notes; note taking important aspects clarified by the class teachers. Taking notes by hand in a legible, well-formed handwriting improves attention, comprehension, and grades.

6. A good handwriting skill helps the students in their job opportunities. Good writing skill speaks about the personality of an individual and makes it more noticeable to a prospective employer. It assures the employer indirectly to decipher the personality traits by one look at a handwritten resume. Parents if you wish your child to succeed keep a tag on how he is maintaining his handwriting well into his adulthood.

7. Good handwriting is one skill that assures you achievement at wherever you work and also discipline and self-assurance in life.

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