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I see many young children every day that are wonderfully confident in their imaginations. Just give them a paper and crayons and five minutes, their unlimited imagination is there for all of us to see.

But when I speak about the grown-ups, there seems something not right?

Especially in India, the children, most of them as they grow older, this confidence and enthusiasm levels disappear. Once they enter college, the creative enthusiasm that we find when they are young seems to evaporate suddenly. 

 I don’t get it where did all these creative energies vanish in the meantime, these creative noises, what they make when they are little kids, suddenly get absent once they enter the college class-rooms.

And it makes me feel sad to say that most of us are not aware of this.

Everyone would agree with me when I say that we are all born with extraordinary natural capabilities. But somewhere we lose touch with many of our inborn talents once we spend more time at schools and colleges.

I wish to highlight one bitter point here; there is something at fault in our educational approach. The way it ignores and neglects the children’s inborn skills, I feel it is causing irreparable damage to the wide strata of young ones, and the damage it’s causing is beyond our imagination.

Perhaps this might be the reason.

Now see the result of our confused educational system

Many of the young ones would never know what their true talents are, and never would understand how to take advantage of those talents. When they face real challenges as they grow up and start living, the struggle for identity and success, and there come to the point where they question themselves, ‘Am I capable of achieving anything’?

Honestly, many of these youngsters are blind – yes – blind- to the strengths they possess, the hidden talents they have, and how to tap into the real worth of what they can?

For this reason, we see, many of the students in India are a confused lot; they can’t figure out how to chalk out their future for themselves, they don’t know despite the adequate qualifications why no one is hiring them.  

Besides, I also see the sad faces of the parents who help them a lot, but we see them influencing their children away from their true talents and forcing them to lead a conventional route, and mostly they drag their children into options dictated by societal norms.

But, there, I see hope, I also see great things happening to good people – people who know their true passions and who understand their skills.

I have seen many exceptional individuals and students; some of them severely restricted both physically and mentally. But they have become highly passionate and successful in what they are doing both in their professional and personal lives. 

And they have reached their goals despite facing many obstacles.

And I think today’s younger generation can learn many finer aspects and secrets from them.

I’m not speaking of fairy tales; in fact, these success stories happen despite facing many disasters, challenges, difficulties, that most of us can never think of.

But what made these extraordinary people’s efforts so sustained and to forge ahead and succeed and leading fulfilling lives. The secret is it comprises human ability; they are using their skills and profiting from their talents. These people enjoy a richer vision and take advantage of their inbuilt talents and see that it leads to their benefit and success.

They are the living examples of people who have connected to their talents and passions and thus enjoying success and happiness.

Finally, it’s up to us to realize: the truth:

Success and happiness are the commodities set deep within us, and our goal should be first to recognize them, then to know how to activate them, and understand their importance and then we have to use them to assist us, so they help us bring success and happiness into our lives.

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