Children are Under Pressure

Right from the day, the child is born we see parents overly stressed out thinking, ‘How am I to raise an intelligent and a perfect kid.’ And so starts the child’s twenty years journey of living under unfair pressure. It’s a common factor among parents that many would like to see their children as quickly as possible like ‘well-groomed, high scoring’ kids.

Children are Children

Childhood is for being a child. It comes with all its imperfections and a lot of mischiefs. How do you asses your five-year child when he doesn’t speak to anyone, sit in one corner, do his work all by himself. No mischief, no tantrums, no noise, no fighting with anyone. Do you enjoy any thrill in raising too perfect kids like these? Who would a child who never has a mischievous spark in their eyes?

Admire Your Child:

There is so much to admire in your child, and parent’s words of praise mean a lot to them. They look out for simple words of recognition in whatever small things they attempt. Praise performs another important function. The child takes note that their parents care for him, and feels assured that he can depend upon them in case of any trouble.

Never take any conclusions regarding your child with an assumption, “she is only a kid; what does she know.”

Children’s Feelings are Real:

Children carry their thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, and urges close to themselves. As parents, our job is to validate those emotions and give them appropriate feedback when they need it.

It is the responsibility of the parents’ to come forward to help handle their children’s simple feelings and emotions. Parents have to learn how to stay considerate of the child’s day to day feelings and how appropriately to act on them.

Helpful Listening:

It requires parents to practice the art of helpful listening and to give a satisfactory response. That comes from honest efforts of parents to ‘bent down to their level’ to get a genuine feel of children’s emotions.

All it takes for a parent to say a simple honest‘oh’ or ‘I got it,’ ‘I’m listening’ messages to your child and supporting words like ‘Your feelings are very important to us, whatever you say of your moods we are ready to take note.”

These types of small assurances for your children promote wholesome growth. Further, make the child strong inwardly, and develop a flexible personality as they grow up as young adults.


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