Watching successful executives of multinational companies you may have noticed. Further, you are looking at forceful, bright TV anchors conducting high decibel English debates. They competing with equally active and clear in ideas from a group of lawyers, doctors, businessmen, artists. You might have wondered, as a parent, how my kid might grow up with the same bundle of talent in expressing himself in such rich English flourish.

The secret and common factor is that whoever you hear was fluent and good in the English language are very good readers. Besides they are enriched by good qualification.

Reading is the backbone of education and in all measures, the future success of your kid depends on it. How passionate is a kid about reading books defines how high he climbs the financial and social ladder in future?

As a parent, if you hope your child does well in school. You expect him to gets good grades; go to the best colleges, advances high in his career. The only habit you have to encourage from childhood is: Instil the love for reading in your child.

Inculcating reading habit in kids is of utmost importance and it has to be initiated by parents from an early age of ten months.

How parents read to toddlers, and pre-schoolers can have a huge impact on how much they love reading and how readily they learn to read on their own one day. It’s up to parents to decide how much time they are able to spend with their kids.

Parents’ shouldn’t be assured by the fact that developing skills like reading and writing are under school’s ambit. In reality, no school or college ever guarantees active reading habits in your children.

Here are some of the tips how you can inspire your little one to be a lifelong reader and help them fall in love with books.

  1. Start reading stories, bedtime stories from an early age as early as one year. This will introduce to a child the world of words, colors, nature, and Select books with bright illustrations and bright colors and less text.
  2. Create a reading-rich environment at home. Let he be surrounded by many books related to his age. The more books he comes in touch with the more chances the kid to become a good reader. So parents need to visit the books exhibitions, dig for discount sales, and knock the nearest library halls. You needn’t spend much but see that books are available to your kid.
  3. Set a daily reading time. If you want to develop a love for reading in your children, it’s important that you encourage them to read at a specific time of day – every day. Read for them loudly, set the time that is favorable to you and your child. Preferably evening times or regularly before dinner time. And use Sundays more productively. Don’t break the habit of reading for him. That way your kid will treat reading as an important everyday task.
  4. To children parents’ are their role models. It is said that children are good copycats. They never do what we say but do what we do. It is a known fact that children grow imitation us. Therefore, kids who see their parents read are more likely to develop good reading habits. Keep in mind; children learn best from their parents – especially when it’s about reading. Hence, try to be a good reading “role model” for your kids.
  5. See that you make regular visits along with your kid to local books stores or second-hand books stalls, or local libraries. If there are universities around plan a visit to their libraries. The idea is that the child has to absorb the importance of books surrounded by them in as many times as possible.
  6. Don’t force your child to sit still and read. There might be a possibility that he’ll come to think reading as a punishment? This is a precaution a parent has to be on guard.  Instead, go with the flow of your child’s attention span. It is the parents’ responsibility to observe what books interest the little one.
  7. Gift them Books. If you want to gift your little one something really special. Give books as gifts because it is the best way to develop reading habit in kids.

Reading makes the child start thinking independently. It stimulates interests in various academic and non-academic subjects. It helps to improve vocabulary and conversational fluency. And it stays with him as a lifelong habit. So encourage him to read, read and read. The best gift you can give to your child is to instill in him the love of books.

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