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The most important decision a parent has to make in a child’s life is deciding about the school. Finding the right school for your child that suits their character, needs, intelligence can make all the difference to their performance, and overall success in their life. Parents may have a tough time finding the right school for their child. There are a few things to consider when choosing a school for your child. 

1. Schools need to be a home for happiness and a healthy launch pad for learning.  It should have an environment that encourages the core subjects, the languages, especially the English learning programs, and how does the school test the abilities of its children. Do they encourage all the children to participate in extracurricular activities? 

2. Children are natural learners. Schools along with their devoted teachers’ every day should fire their imagination. They must hold high expectations that every student achieves good standards. The teachers should have skills and knowledge and enthusiasm to handle all the needs of the children.  They have to share the course content and objectives through the school website with the parents and children.

3.  A good school is a dynamic consensus among three inclusive participants: The classroom, the teacher, the parent. The classrooms should be safe, healthy, and comfortable.  Teachers should be qualified, approachable, and a helpful attitude. Parents have to be cooperative, fair-minded towards the child and the teacher. The child could reap the best blessings and stay emotionally strong when these three participants integrate their efforts all along. 

4. The interdependency of the three participants: the classroom, the teacher, and the parents play an enormous role in the learning process of the children. If the schools are to be places of good learning, they need to coach, train, and guide at all three levels – thoroughly and periodically.  We have to encourage the schools that involve a continual improvement of the teachers and regular enrichment and guidance to parents – and a healthy classroom environment.

5. Parents are highly committed partners in educating their children.  We have to look for schools that encourage parental involvement.  Does the school have an active parent-teacher organization?  It’s a much-needed responsibility of a school administration. Do the teachers frequently get in touch with the parents in times of need?

6. There is another adult where we have to observe closely in a school. It’s the principal who wields a major influence on the children during their stay in the school. It is chiefly the principal’s efficiency that brings together the three champions – the children, the teachers and the parents on one platform for a successful stay in the school. We have to know the principal’s attitude towards education, discipline, extracurricular activities, and his interaction with his team of teachers. How he plans to keep good teachers and improve teachers’ performances.

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