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Parents have to gain a proper understanding of the child’s learning styles and how he is gaining advantage out of it every day in his social and academic life.

There is a psychological link between certain skills children own, and the style of learning and ultimate happiness and social standing a child attains.

As a parent, it is important to understand that every child enjoys learning in a different style. If we can recognize and encourage this unique style of a child, he will enjoy his learning the best. He develops a healthy attitude toward the whole learning process.

Throughout their growing years the children, the young adults learn by absorbing bits of information from around the world.

Every individual learns differently. Broadly we can categorize the learning into three styles.

1. Auditory

2. Visual

3. Kinesthetic or Tactile

They decide the differentiation depending on how a child prefers to learn to rely on their ears, their eyes or their sense of touch.

Auditory learners: There are listeners first. They absorb the information of any kind that comes in sounds and words. Auditory learners are comfortable in a traditional classroom setting. Here the teacher presents the information in lecture-style and topics discussed.

These types of learners show an interest in reading and music and easily follow directions. 

Visual learners: They absorb information through a sense of sight. These types of learners prefer looking and grasping over listening and learning. In the classroom to learn something, it has to present in the form of a picture, or a chart, films or a model to keep the child keen and interested. 

It naturally attracts these children to colors, shapes, familiar objects, illustrations. The children display excellent eye and hand coordination. They are good at drawing and projects involving craft work, cutting and pasting. 

Kinesthetic learners: they call the children the tactile learners. They prefer hands-on-learning involving both touch and movement.

Most children excel through kinesthetic learning.  They enjoy learning through touch, feeling, experiencing the material at hand.

Kinesthetic learning is the most successful method to see children active, alert, and show an interest in learning any subject if it involves hands-on teaching and learning. 

Through Kinesthetic learning children gain success in academics and social skills. Since learning encourages science labs, competitions, field trips, dance, and drama: all of them are activity based.


When parents know about their child’s learning style, there can be a tremendous advantage for the parent to be a partner in their child’s school and social success. With this awareness of their learning habits, they can encourage the child in many aspects and ignite their inner curiosity about the world around them.

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