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Parents are the child’s first teachers. It’s amazing to catch how quickly, how widely a child learns from his parents’ every day.

But here’s my point: I find a significant need for the parents to check upon themselves what they speak, what their actions manifest, and how they monitor themselves before the child, especially when connected to moral and purposeful values.

Therefore, be watchful about what you say to the child, what you do so you keep teaching your child what you want them to learn. It would socially pay when we move around at home with gestures of modeling the behavior, attitude, and habits, so they walk on the right path to good living, happiness as they enter their adulthood.

The manner how a child learns from the parents:

A child can quickly sense whether the parents are leading a stream of purposeful living. When we are sensible enough to display a continuous flow of good intent, we radiate those healthful vibes that bounce off generously within the walls of the home.

The good examples diffuse to the child in a manner affirmed by the parents.  They persevere to bloom in our presence, absorbing and imitating the productive beliefs, the standards of living that parents truly connect to their lifestyles.

This is how in every way a child grooms himself in the nearness of the parents, actualizing the practices of personal interactions, the basic etiquette, and the precise merits of ethics, conduct, and self-concept. He will realize the concept of what he is and what he can: using the parent’s purposeful living as a mirror.

Taking care of us as parents, both in word and spirit would stand out as the healthiest form of guidelines to showcase for the child. The habits we love, the discipline created in our lifestyle, the attitude we pitch for, the care we manage for our body and health by regular exercise and meditation. The routines include how controlled we are in our moods and manner, the esteem with which we see for ourselves. This ought to be the culture, customs we the parents have to hoist as adorable examples to show the children a preservable path to value and carry themselves the rest of their lives.

Some helpful tips to parents:

It’s good to know that the children are watching you, and copying you, and would intuitively imitate whatever parents say and do. Hence, choose your words and actions wisely.

Never forget the home is your child’s first classroom. Every person who the child interacts is bound to teach the child something. Remember, children have fantastic learning and imitating abilities.

At home, we need to be nice and genuinely concerned, well attentive to what we say and do. We have to display to our child the best version of what we wish to model – to absorb, to ensure a healthy individuality and active thinking and a fit character – a recipe for his future successful life.

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