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Bad friends. The connection and its influence, a parent must think about nature and the consequences, once their child enters adolescence. Parents enjoy good aspirations that their child should pursue and maintain healthy, fruitful, creative, happy friendships. These relationships lay a good foundation for good self-esteem; raise the standards of lives of our children.

It makes the parents a happy lot when a child understands how to choose a good friend, what to look for in a good friendship, how to say no to those who attract them into bad influences.

Practically, parents must show caution with whom their grownups are moving in the school or at social events. They must act with foresight believing the odds are high the young ones get swept by wrong influences and by the wrong group of friends.

It’s helpful when a child moves with different friends. Parents have to encourage those social interactions, which would help the young boys and girls to mingle with children coming from varied backgrounds and cultures. It would encourage the child in good communication, teamwork, and broadening their understanding of new habits and relationships.

The good parenting awareness involves how to identify if the child’s behaviour hints at misconduct. And you suspect the other kid’s, whom your child is moving with, values or lifestyle is brash, negligent, and his conduct unruly. 

As parents do you have serious doubts about being in the company of this ‘kid’ your child is under the shade of negative influence? Do you believe your child hanging with this ‘kid’ will damage his reputation, character, and health?

Here are a few warning symptoms the parents should be careful to see if friendships are turning bad.

Secretiveness: Your child becomes very secretive; they don’t listen to you, and not willing to show what he is doing.

Changes in appearance: You can observe offensive changes in dressing, hairstyle; he becomes moody, using inappropriate language.

Abnormal Behaviour: Bad friends damage the good behaviour of your child. He doesn’t take part in routine activities and pull out from past friends and hangs around in a bad company.

You may observe a drop in the grades of your child, neglects regular school work because of irregular daily habits, bad discipline.


Positive Parenting: A healthy relationship, good communication lines with your child is the basic responsibility of the parents. The trick is to get from your child the details of the circle of friends he moves about regularly. 

 Ask your child about their friends: As a parent, you should have up-to-date knowledge of your child’s friends. Try to contact their parents.

Talk to other adults: Ask teachers, coaches, other parents in the school and share your worries, or invite their advice. 

Monitor your child’s movements closely: Observe the outdoor activities of your child. Know where your child is all the time. Check if your child informs you, with which friends he is going, at which place.

Once you know this ‘friend’ is not correct for your child, he is spreading bad influence on your child, as a parent you have to be firm to halt this friendship and teach habits that help your child to realize about the bad company and make new friends.

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