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There is nothing wrong with anger; it’s a natural human emotion which everyone has a way of manifesting it. The good part regarding anger it’s a useful emotion when rationally controlled. The problem enters the way parents deal with it when the situation involves their children. 

Parents and kids can push the anger buttons at each other very often that no one ever could compete.

It surely helps the parents to learn about the methods of controlling and to cope with anger. When practiced honestly it helps to create incentives at home in the form of peace and health.

They needed to be perceptive about the results and damages of parental anger and how harmfully it influences their children.

  1. There is a behavioral correlation between a parent’s attitude and the child’s character. The more controlled of negative emotions in parent’s approach better the mental health children are likely to enjoy. Controlling anger by the parents should be uppermost on the list.
  1. Anger is one emotion any parent has to be watchful about that it doesn’t get out of our control. I guess most parents recognize that anger when not in control exposes the worst of our behavior to our children.  Angry outbursts at our children are like, “surgical knives: they hurt, run deep and create permanent scars.”
  1. Many parents who run on the short fuse are: they yell at first and feel remorseful later. They, with their volatile moods, damage the delicate minds first and later find ways to correct the eventual fallout. After a short lull, the cycle repeats again. Parents ought to realize that a child may catch the same unmanageable habit of angry outbursts. In a situation when he is frustrated or troubled, he doesn’t have a mechanism to calm down or to control it.
  1. One good news; calming our unruly tempers, managing and restraining our urge to shout and scream is a learnable skill to the parents. It is also an essential teachable habit to a child when he is growing up.
  1. It is not suggesting whenever parents find children throwing tantrums, unyielding, aggressive and behaves recklessly; the parents have to show saintly patience. It is not necessary that the parents should display outward calm when they are boiling inside; furious at the high-handedness of the child. The modest method is to let off the anger in small controlled outbursts; let our fury come out in small installments before we scare children out of their wits, with hurtful language our anger is capable of. An angry child is a discouraged child.
  1. Parents have to learn not to insult or diminish the child’s self-image with their angry moods and damaging tempers. Parents have to help the child to express his distress and discomfort and how to handle it.  It would lead to creating enjoyable interactions among all family members. It’s a pious prescription for a peaceful home.
  1. There are many reasons for the irritations we usually see in parents. Like physical exhaustion, lack of cooperation from the partners, financial worries, stress worries from work and family, lack of time, relationship problems. These family dynamics are not quickly visible and understood by our children. Balancing many different demands despite overwhelming pressures, protecting the child regardless is the secret behind good parenting.

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